Behind the wheel is intended to make sure that you can drive safely and that you can display, through your driving, that you understand the laws of the road.

Instructors will meet student at the High School he/she attends.

No classroom sessions.

Drive Right does not do driver improvement sessions.
Interested in driver improvement? 

Please contact:

On the Road Driving School
5336 Water Street
Stephens City, VA 22655
(540) 869-6105


Drive time:

  • Weekdays: flexible, call for time avaiblity
  • Weekends: flexible, call for time avaiblity
  • Summer: Flexible, starting the middle of June till late August.


  • Please email or call for prices

What is needed the first session?

  • Contract will have to be printed and completed
  • Student'sVirginia learner’s permit
  • Proof of completion (DEC1) of classroom or approved online classroom course
  • 45 hour log sheet with parent/guardian signature


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